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is canceled.

Instead, on May 22nd @ 5pm EST we are throwing a film festival for students, by students.

(don't miss out)

Things you have to: LOSE

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Our goal is simple: help provide visibility, networking opportunities, scholarships, and advice from industry experts- to the people who need it most- students.

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New Surge is welcoming in the new wave of filmmakers and providing them with tools to break into the industry with killer skills, connections, and portfolios.

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We are giving our top three finalists scholarships to stick it to the financial aid office. They'll also receive interviews with leading industry professionals to help get connections, get internships, and (hopefully) get bread.

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Money Scholarship + Interviews with 3 Industry Professionals

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Money Scholarship + Interviews with 2 Industry Professionals

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Money Scholarship + Interviews with 1 Industry Professional

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We want your films!

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"We were just playing around... it's not that good..."

It's that good.

"Even if I wanted to, I don't have the money to enter."

It's free.

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"But what if it gets rejected?"

But what if it gets accepted?

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What's the only thing better than a hot date? This. 

Watch new films, win merch, and hear from industry professionals. Sounds better than any date I’ve been on…

See you soon <3

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